About Us

Mega Global Marketing Inc. was incorporated in B.C. in 2005.

We help businesses and organizations engage new audiences, grow brand visibility, improve social engagement and enhance conversion rates through video marketing. Our clientele includes young businesses, corporations, and provincial government agencies.

We produce corporate videos with strong visual storytelling that can go way beyond mere talking heads, helping viewers relate to businesses and organizations and their services.

We have the experience to make a production a breeze, ensuring fast turnaround and a cinematic final product.

What we offer:

  • Video marketing strategy: Helping businesses to develop the right marketing strategy to tell their products/services, brand story, and engage audiences.
  • On-site video production: Going to location to shoot and produce broadcast quality video content.
  • Promotional and explainer videos: Demonstrating products and services, improving conversion rates and driving sales and/or, performance.

In the coming years, based on the increased scale of our video content production business and business networks, we will expand into public display advertising, particularly LED-screen advertising for private/public events, exhibitions, concerts and theatre productions.